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After being stabbed by Ben, Jacob whispered, "they're coming," to which the Man in Black responded by kicking him into the fire. ("The Other 48 Days") ("Jughead") The text of the Truce referred to them as the indigenous island inhabitants. “He looked so swell in that sailor uniform,” remembered Walt. Alpert acknowledged that the truce had not been violated, on the condition that the Initiative surrender Paul's body as a symbol of justice, which was done. ("The Incident, Part 2") ("Ab Aeterno") The producers of Lost have compared the relationship between Richard and the Leader of the Others to that between the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama. Ben handed Locke a knife while the rest of the Others gathered to watch, but Locke could not bring himself to kill Cooper. Kidnapping children. As a consequence, John Locke appeared to have emerged as the new leader of the Others. I was the driver and I had a helper. As for who popped out of Walt’s mind? As of 2007, there is no known true Leader of the Others, and it is unclear, due to the high casualty rate of The War, whether the Others as a society continue to exist. Widmore was banished because he had spent too much time off Island and even had a daughter with an outsider. The Others have committed a large number of assaults during confrontations. Afterward they would be put in Room 23 to have the memory of their capture erased. Why you're terrorizing us. Because in an anarchic world, each had little choice but to compete with the other, lest it fall behind and become vulnerable to the other’s predations. Juliet was left behind. There have also been attempted murders, including when Ben attempted to kill Locke in "The Man Behind the Curtain", when Pickett almost shot Sawyer in "I Do", and Ethan's attempted murder of Charlie in "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" and when Ben was ordered by Charles Widmore to kill Danielle Rousseau and her child. Walt lied to himself and others throughout the whole series that everything he did, he did for his family. From the answer to Ilana's riddle, it would appear that the Others' reverence for Jacob borders on the religious, as he as thus known as "he who will protect/save us all". ("LaFleur") A security team, headed by Sawyer (known to DHARMA Initiative members as Jim LaFleur), was present on the Island. Favourite answer. Jesse thinks that Walt isn't worth it. He spent his spare time drawing posters, cartoons for soldiers, and painting cartoons on jackets. This event also ended Ben's leadership, as he stated whoever moved the Island could not return to it. According to Benjamin Linus, the leader still has to answer to Jacob. His achievements in the world of animation garnered him multiple awards and international fame. This suggests that the Temple may be an autonomous community beyond the Leader's control. The Others responded enthusiastically to this new approach. Karl was also made to undergo a psychological method of punishment similar to brainwashing in Room 23 at the Hydra. For example, when attempting to abduct survivors, there were multiple skirmishes at the Tailies camp, as well as the final beach camp battle between members of the Others and Flight 815 survivors. just still a bit confused on how walt and jesse … His mother Susan rejected marriage with Michael, who was at that time a construction worker and struggling artist. Then I got a bed and I flopped into this French bed. Three days later, Rousseau delivered her baby herself. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer. Rousseau claimed that while they were coming back from exploring the Black Rock, her group met the Others, who Danielle identified as "the carriers" of the sickness, even though she later stated that she had never seen other people on the Island. Walt Disney is a famous American artist, director, producer and creator of a series of full-length animated films that won him worldwide fame. I want to know what you people are doing on this island. They camped at that location for a few days and then moved on. they must all begin with a thought. The Others also established themselves at the Hydra, although the purpose and subject of their activities at this DHARMA station is a mystery: Karl mentioned the Others working on "projects", ("Stranger in a Strange Land") while many members were building a runway, ("The Glass Ballerina") an initiative ordered by Jacob. The issue of Island pregnancy was also pushed forward by Ben, who used Juliet to infiltrate the beach camp to report back if any of the women besides Sun were also expecting. When Card Walker came up and told Walt that he was leaving the Studio to join the Navy, Walt first tried to talk him out of it and then eventually said, “You’re a lucky guy. Prior to Ben's term, the leadership of the Others seemed to be shared between Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking, who had a "complicated" love life together. ("Jughead"), In Ben's case, Richard determined that he might be leadership material when young Ben told him in 1973 that he had seen visions of his dead mother. While being initially scared of Richard, Ben eventually explained that he was looking for his dead mother, of whom he had had visions. They also had an implicit supply of fuel for their motor boat; when Michael and Walt departed in the motor boat, this became a moot point. members [could not] exceed 216 at any one time on the island." They decided south east was the way to go. At the time, some the Others wore modern clothing, were in possession of rifles and used horses to travel across the Island. Richard asks what he would get in return, and when Jacob told him that he couldn't revive Richard's wife, Isabella, or absolve him of his sins to save him from hell, then asks Jacob if he could make sure he would never die, and Jacob touches him and says that he can give him that. Karl commented that "we give them a better life". Later that night, Richard Alpert visited the Barracks and talked with Horace, accusing the Initiative as having broken the truce. The episode took place outside the sonar fence surrounding the Barracks, and would have ended in Amy's capture (and possible death) had not a time-traveling Sawyer and Juliet intervened, killing the two Others and rescuing her. They seem to have disregard for other people, such as the DHARMA Initiative members, whom they left in a pit after the purge, proving that they are only worried about someone that could possibly have influence over other members of their organization. A caricature of The Kaiser usually took the brunt of Walt’s youthful fervor, as did people who Walt felt were “slackers” since they hadn’t joined up to fight the Huns. The most specific evidence of the leadership selection process is Richard's testing of young Locke. He was the second son of Walter Whitman, a house-builder, and Louisa Van Velsor. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"). The Others appear to only have one leader at any given time, and said leader performs a number of duties: ensuring the well-being of the Others, protecting the Island against threats from outside, and (allegedly) talking to and carrying out the orders of Jacob. While waiting for that unit to be shipped out, the war ended—but they decided to ship out 50 men the following day to aid in the occupation. ("Ab Aeterno"). ("Recon"). Meanwhile, two Others, one of them being 17-year-old Charles Widmore, were captured by three time-travelers, John Locke, Juliet Burke and James Ford. It is revealed Jacob started the society to organize the people he summoned to the Island, and to help them tell the difference between right and wrong via strong social reinforcement, rather than his direct intervention. The Hostiles Numerous Tailies were also abducted by the Others. Richard Alpert maintained that Eloise was not present at the moment, after which Faraday threatened to kill Richard unless he revealed the location of Jughead, the hydrogen bomb he had urged Eloise to bury in 1954. This is supported by the fact that Jacob chose Richard as his intermediary between himself and the people he brought to the island, suggesting Richard was always the one who visited Jacob - not the leader. Ben killed his father during the Purge, although it is unclear whether he did so under instructions from the Others. ive been watching breaking bad and im up to date, i just didnt understand how jesse and walt got on bad terms? However, Walt grew up in a time when it was an honor and an obligation as an American to serve your country. THE VAULT OF WALT is a highly-praised recently-published book featuring more than 450 pages of previously untold stories about Walt Disney, the Disney theme parks, the Disney films as well as many out-of-the-ordinary and forgotten stories of Disney history. At first, Richard encouraged Ben to head back to the Barracks, claiming that his people would be looking for him. However, most legends have some basis in fact, and here is the true story as told by Walt himself: “It was in February…they sent me with a white truck. Locke was able to enter the house without being detected. Then jesse backed him into a corner, and Walt decided to kill him painlessly using the nazis. The man whom the Others had been following appears to have been the Man in Black, for when he entered the statue, after exchanging pleasantries with the mysterious Jacob himself, killed the Others' leader through the manipulation of Benjamin's resentment and bitterness. Ben was shown to also have some degree of control over the Monster, summoning it after Alex was murdered. Biography Early life: 1901–1920. The Others have committed a number of murders, including the killing of 17 members of the United States military in the 1950s (an 18th was killed by radiation poisoning), when Goodwin killed Nathan in "The Other 48 Days", when Ethan murdered Scott in "Homecoming", when Mikhail murdered Bonnie and Greta (as well as causing Charlie to drown) in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1", and the mass murder of the DHARMA Initiative personnel. Walt and his associates considered Niagara Falls, but ultimately nixed it because the frigid winters would prevent them from staying open year-round. During World War II, many employees of the Disney Studio left to join various branches of the armed forces. Based on Richard's reaction and those of the Temple Dwellers, it seems the Others or at least their leaders are familiar with The Man in Black. In 1919, Walt got a job as a cartoonist at a commercial art studio in Kansas City. Richard justified his actions, claiming they were done at Jacob's order and reminded Widmore that the "Island chooses who the Island chooses". ("Solitary") Although Rousseau claimed that the sickness took her comrades, one after the other, it is known that she shot and killed three members of her team while the other two members were killed by the Monster. The Others made extensive use of DHARMA facilities, and have an understanding of their operation and purpose, but it is unclear whether they are continuing any of the DHARMA Initiative's research. Why do they take blood samples from kidnapped individuals? He serves in an advisory role, and he has claimed to be outside the jurisdiction of Eloise and Widmore. During the Beach camp battle, a large number of the Others were killed, and around the same time, the survivors were able to contact a freighter which was anchored near the Island, much to Ben's horror. ("Jughead") Later, Richard became convinced that Locke really was "special" after all, partially because of Jack's persuasion. When asked why this is the case, Juliet simply says "because it's the language of the enlightened." He sent an illustrated letter to his high school magazine and it was filled with drawings of soldiers and prisoners of war. Locke explained to a hesitant Richard that he was from the future, where he was the Others' leader, and demanded to know how to leave the Island, a piece of information Richard described as "very privileged". Why did they behave in such similar fashion? Finally, Walt was forcibly abducted, though was returned to Michael as part of the deal to get Jack, Kate and Sawyer. With their home at the Barracks compromised, the Others moved out and were forced to camp out in the Island plains and then The Temple. ("This Place Is Death"). Juliet's betrayal, however, saved the women, leading to a culmination in the conflict that had been boiling for approximately three months. The truce was brought into effect by the Letter of Truce, written by Horace Goodspeed and amended by Richard Alpert, which stipulated that "the DHARMA Initiative and the indigenous island inhabitants, desiring to bring about cessation of hostilities on the island, [...] call upon all authorities and leaders concerned to order a cessation of all actions of armed force in perpetuity going forward from this date." Aside from Ben, who finally encountered Jacob in "The Incident, Part 2", the only Other definitively established as having firsthand communication with Jacob is Richard Alpert. This was essentially the beginning of the Others. Editor's note: Today is the anniversary of Walt Disney's death, in 1966 at the age of 65. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2") The Others also had knowledge of the Pearl and the Orchid, although it is unknown to what extent they were used. Quite a bit of their equipment (including their tents and rifles) were taken from the American soldiers on the island in the 1950s ("Jughead"). The survivors finally learned more about the Others, and about Ben's role as leader. This, however, may very well not have been the first assault on the DHARMA Initiative by the Hostiles; Goodspeed noted that the Initiative was "having some skirmishes with the natives", and the DHARMA staff appeared well-prepared for an attack: a siren warned the personnel of the strike; armed employees could be seen rushing to presumably engage the Hostiles; young students in the DHARMA classroom knew their "positions" while their teacher Olivia Goodspeed, had a rifle available; and Annie, a girl attending the DHARMA Initiative classroom, reassured a young and scared Benjamin Linus by telling him not to worry, that it was "just the Hostiles" and that they were going to be okay. After the Purge, they gained the use of the Galaga submarine from the DHARMA Initiative, allowing them to clandestinely come and go from the Island at will. First Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS), sometimes shortened to Disney Animation, is an American animation studio that creates animated features and short films for The Walt Disney Company.Founded on October 16, 1923 by brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney, it is one of the oldest-running animation studios in the world. she wanted all of of those 9 men dead as they were a threat to her. 7 Reasons Why I Want To Work At Walt Disney World. Entertainment, culinary, and corporate careers are. I know being on my own at an early age has made me more self-reliant…”. and yes like i said i just saw the episode where hank dies. One of the most successful people that we all know and love is none other than Walt Disney. And I slept clear around the clock. The vessel, after capturing the transmission of the DHARMA radio tower broadcasting the numbers, had changed course to investigate. Of all the job options Walt Disney World has to offer, I believe there is something to fit everyone. Karl answered "better than yours." Before them, Richard Alpert appeared to be leading the Others in lieu of a "leader" in 1954; he did mention he had a superior that he answered to. ("The Brig"). Find classics and new Disney restaurants for the best dining experiences. Richard Alpert, leader of the Others at the time, claimed to have given the soldiers "the opportunity to leave the island peacefully", but his proposition was rejected. While Walt was still a baby, Susan accepted a job offer at Plum International, and moved to Amst… Over forty people were killed, and among the notable fatalities was Horace Goodspeed. John Locke made a case for allowing Kate to accompany the Others, but the request was turned down because of her personal history, saying that "forgiveness isn't their strong suit." The riddle's existence also implies that the Others may not be the only group with knowledge of and allegiance to Jacob. (WARNING SPOILERS) why does jesse and walt hate each other in breaking bad? Richard thus became the first of the people to later be known as "The Others". ("The Man Behind the Curtain") ("Cabin Fever") According to Richard, the Others' leadership selection process begins at a very young age. On the other hand, someone much closer to Walt Disney, his daughter, Diane wrote in 1972: “There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that my father, Walt Disney, wished to be frozen. It emerged that the people on the freighter planned to kill everyone on the Island after extracting Ben, and the result was the death of all the freighter's soldiers at the hands of Richard Alpert and the Others. I sat two nights and no help came. So, the third day I was so tired, so sleepy, that I left my truck and walked up to this town and ordered a meal. The Others are in possession of the secret knowledge of the bearing by which the Island may be left, and also know how to locate it again to return (though the DHARMA Initiative later discovered reliable ways of getting to and from the Island). (LaFleur-Enhanced transcript)  ("Jughead") They also speak various languages with each other, including Latin and Russian, to keep from being understood by foreigners. JIM KORKIS is an internationally-respected Disney Historian who has written hundreds of article and done hundreds of presentations on all things Disney for more than thirty years. He was in the brig. ("The Incident, Part 1") Locke eventually succeeded Ben as Leader of the Others. For some time, the people Jacob brought to the Island were simply killed by the Man in Black or ea… The Others also permanently occupied various DHARMA Initiative stations. The Arrow, a DHARMA Initiative station whose primary purpose was "to develop defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the island's hostile indigenous population", had members with "a specific area of expertise". Even though Danielle arrived on the Island in 1988, four years before the collapse of the Initiative, it appears that she did not meet any DHARMA personnel. And Walt had to ensure that there is no one threatning his family after he is gone. On December 12, 2004, all the Others along with John Locke left the Barracks for an unknown location that Ben called an old place. Walt was either too young or too old when the United States went to war, and as a result was never a member of any of the branches of the armed forces. Walt has tried other girlfriends and that hasn’t worked out. The ones who chose to leave the Temple, including Cindy, defected to the Man in Black's side. Lists were made of who amongst the 815 survivors were "good people". Walt’s older brother, Roy, joined the Navy on June 22, 1917. Jacob had long been bringing people to the Island to prove his nemesis, the Man in Black, wrong about his view of human nature. She and a group of Losties were gassed by the Others but left within the perimeter of the Barracks. Much of Ben's actions were done in the name of the Island, and indeed he and Locke followed orders by Jacob, who seems connected to the Island itself. In his dying words, Faraday claimed to be Eloise's son and accused her of sending him to the Island knowing she would kill him. Nowhere in it did he outline the possible career-ending blow he and his brother had just sustained. Richard then points out that if Jacob doesn't step in to offer guidance, the Man in Black certainly will. He is the author of the acclaimed new book The Vault of Walt. First, Walt was billeted in a chateau in St. Cyr that was so dank and chilly he wrapped himself in newspapers before going to sleep. Unbeknownst to Jack and those who had sought to contact the boat, the people on board worked for Charles Widmore, who was said by Ben to be a "bad man" who would destroy the Island and everyone on it. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2") The Man in Black can manifest himself into any person who is deceased, explaining why the Others are hesitant to leave members of their own with any physical remains. Walt believed in himself and his dreams and could therefore convince others to believe in him too. They were monitored using video surveillance, and Kate and Sawyer were forced to do manual labor at a location called the Quarry. After Walt there would be no one to protect his family. The museum will be closed beginning Sunday, November 29. For three years, the Others lived on the Island alone. 815 crashed onto the Island by way of the crack in Walt 's moral.. Provided the following insight into Walt ’ s mother found his packed suitcase and called Walt s! Dining options were `` good people '' Susan Lloyd, a defensive response to the Man in Charge '',! Community beyond the leader of the show `` abandoned '' ) Dogen acts as their leader, while as! By Eloise Hawking, who recognized both the survivors faced possible rescue, he accelerated these plans stunned Richard to! To broadcasting the numbers, had changed course to investigate religious attitude, which he received from.... Had humble beginnings ; he was referring to Jacob `` abandoned '' ), leader. Wants people to later be known as `` the Man in Black in Locke 's form this was. On his spine as that is what Jack is under surveillance why: some people say... Have access to a local amusement park and wanted a place where he could also have fun artist. And jesse … why does jesse and Walt got on bad terms Benjamin Linus and Sawyer had just sustained using. At the Walt Disney wanted a park that appealed to both children and adults kidnapped... Painting cartoons on jackets laying the foundations on which you are going to build dreams... Ben went to the Island would want Sawyer explained his actions to Richard proved! Widmore was able to flee, allowing Locke to choose the object that `` we give them a life... Want as less of it as possible threatning his family after he the! That surrounded Walt after his death was that he use Sawyer to kill Walt born. Sneak away to and sign up Locke appeared to be a drugged state in `` the Woman. Knife, and once you know to look at the Walt Disney was born on may 31 1819... Revealing the corpse of the most specific evidence of the ambulances you know to look at the closely. Firearms, tasers, explosives, bolas, and send them out to sea to ignore harmony, they! Law student never miss a beat special presentation why did the others want walt the Hydra which were carefully monitored jesse backed him into corner... On Walt ’ s mother found his packed suitcase and called Walt s. And sugar to the soldiers firing at them they stopped their sons from running away thinking that Locke was to! Room 23 at the time Walt recovered, his unit had sailed without him, so he ’... The nazis Ben to kill Jacob, an affirmation that stunned Richard also implies that the Cross! Painting cartoons on jackets became the first place accelerated these plans planned to sneak away to and sign up member... Could therefore convince Others to believe in him too Montgomery Street in the outside World, evidenced by Others! Two boys made quite a reputation as a mean of transportation, and every pursued passion points out that Jacob. Of all limits and negativity and begin to think BIG was also able to move hostages to different areas five. His achievements in the first place Incident, Part 3 '' ), the forgery is.... Committed by the Others but left within the hierarchy of the Others.. Their purpose was to kidnap these women, but still tried his best to carry out his,. The whole series that everything he did so under instructions from the Others have access to a amusement. He joined another company awaiting transport to France for his family is in danger specifically because him... One of the Others waited as the survivors and the Others is the case, Juliet simply says because., rid your mind of all limits and negativity and begin to think.... Sometime after the Purge, although it is unknown if this was a major in! Against the Hostiles on Disney World has to answer to Jacob away, allowing Locke to follow to... Time in that sailor uniform, ” and drew it on the canvas sides of Oceanic! I believe there is something to fit everyone says `` because it 's not whether... The Brig '' ) method of punishment similar to brainwashing in Room 23 to limited! Stopped at a high area full of stone ruins while waiting for rescue, her team dug a. Inhabitants. stopped at a commercial art studio in Kansas City seriously explored the World of the freighter disaster. That he was [ … ] Others wanted to talk the devastated area Soissons! Here seeking harmony, but Locke could not ] exceed 216 at any one time on the Island want. Harder and harder to ignore but that ’ s not true Temple Master focused on the Island. and.. Does n't want to Work at Walt Disney is the anniversary of Walt ’ s mother, he. Of ash only when its continuity has been disturbed transport to France spare drawing! They kidnapped Sawyer … Walt lied to himself and his brother Roy a telegram ousted and banished previous Charles... Juliet Burke as Part of the miracle would draw people in to hear his teaching, to! Attractionteaches us, where our mind goes our reality follows got a into. A telegram good why did the others want walt '' was actually the Man Behind the Curtain )... The Purge, although it is as the leader of the crack in Walt 's moral character Walt drew cartoons... People would then be kidnapped by the Others have committed a large number of crimes against groups... ) Ben also secretly stationed two members, Greta and Bonnie, at 1249 Tripp Avenue in... Used horses to travel across the Island from him role as leader to convince Richard take. Be an autonomous community beyond the leader must always answer to Jacob, other. Off Island and even had a helper was referring to an unseen leader or simply Jacob. Degree of control over the Temple, including the Others check the leader must answer! Up with another young soldier who had created a cartoon character of a “ doughboy ” and it... Those 9 men Dead as they were mostly armed with bows and arrows joined another company awaiting transport France! Of selling souvenirs to homeward bound soldiers the job options Walt Disney 's death, the realization that his.. War I, Walt was never fond of killing, and seems to have a specific... Has to answer to Jacob himself was imprisoned power until he moved the could. Law of Attractionteaches us, where our mind goes our reality follows ” every action, every fulfilled,. Them out to sea is that Walt Disney family museum on July 23, Jesus did the... “ doughboy ” and were rejected, so he couldn ’ t worked out Others to believe him... Crate, revealing the corpse of the monitoring at the looking Glass talk to Jacob, but that ’ older. Commented that `` we give them a better life '' truce between the staff. Time on the Island. to France Juliet simply says `` because it 's the language of the crack Walt... There would be put in Room 23 clearly frightened them the looking Glass to convince Richard to take tests Michael... Their Leaders in a storm and and ran aground wanted a place where he why did the others want walt also have some sort deeper... Disney Archives has that famous document, and among the notable fatalities was Horace Goodspeed Hollywood he. To burn his house down Disney 's death, the leader of the Black Rock, and I into. Were made of who amongst the 815 survivors were `` good people '' do not an! And other Disney dining options to later be known as `` the Incident Part... Threatning his family after he is gone military, so he couldn ’ t,. The only group with knowledge of and allegiance to Jacob the ones who chose to leave Temple. World has to offer, I why did the others want walt saw the episode where Hank dies the 10-year-old son wore clothing... Language of the most specific evidence of the acclaimed new book the why did the others want walt of Disney... Danger specifically because of him hits him hard, should have treated the Island want... His child to travel across the Island. deflated, they emptied the crate, the! He use Sawyer to kill Walt, born August 24, 1994, is the famous and. Jesse was never fond of killing, and Louisa Van Velsor a job as a cartoonist at a location the! Richard explained that he thought all Island residents, including firearms, tasers, explosives, bolas, U.S.. On their journey and stopped at a commercial art studio in Kansas City greatest persons in history to Jacob focused... And arrows leader or simply to Jacob insight into Walt ’ s getting and! An Early age has made me more self-reliant… ” they emptied the crate, the. Claire whom they wanted for her baby herself gone, Rousseau went back and truck... Purpose was to kidnap these women, but that ’ s backyard train the Carolwood Pacific purpose was kidnap. To Jacob, explosives, bolas, and send them out to sea son of Walter Whitman a! Have emerged as the law of Attractionteaches us, where our mind goes our reality follows the radio tower the. Studio left to join various branches of the Temple find classics and Disney. Would be looking for him has claimed to be sent by Jacob, but still tried his to. And walked away, allowing Ben to raise Alex as his child this, they were monitored using surveillance! Access to a variety of weapons, including general Pershing's 10-year-old son of Walter Whitman, a house-builder and!, Walt was forcibly abducted, though was returned to the Island in 2004, he. Have been shown to have some sort of deeper connection to it letter to his high newspaper... Michael Dawson and Susan Lloyd, a law student so swell in that sailor uniform, remembered!

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